MATA Ranked & High School Players Program

Welcome to the 4 Star Tennis Academy MATA Ranked and High School Players Program! Our program has produced numerous top ranked MATA tournament players as well as successful High School players. Some of our students have moved up into our Young Super Nationals and Super Nationals Programs and some have even had the opportunity to play for their college teams.

The goal of this program is to develop serious players, helping them reach their full potential. Players in this program are competitive and focused. Together our students and coaches create a serious and positive environment in which our players can improve and be successful.

Player development is the primary focus of this program. We strive to help our students become successful competitors and tournament players. Students participate in daily set and match play, competitive, live ball and dead ball drills. Physical fitness is also further developed as players work in small groups with coaches and physical trainers.

1. Try-out and Coaches approval
2. MATA ranking/Futures ranking
3. Preferably top 8 high school team player
4. Committed to play USTA tournaments
5. Tournament Experience

Fall/Winter Schedule:Spring ScheduleSummer Schedule
Tuesday 4-6 pmTuesday 4-6 pmMonday-Sunday 1-5 pm
Wednesday 4:30-6:30 pmWednesday 4-6 pm 
Thursday 4-6 pmThursday 4-6 pm 
Saturday 2-4 pmSaturday 2-4 pm 
Sunday 3-6pmSunday 12-3 pm