A Tennis Academy offers classes for all levels of play. This multi-level design allows students to progress into new classes and work with many different coaches so that they may continuously develop their tennis game. Students of a Tennis Academy will always have a class and a coach that aligns with their current level of play. Furthermore, when participating in a Tennis Academy, families and students have the advantage of working with a team of tennis professionals who are all dedicated to that student reaching their highest potential.

An Academy coaching team communicates with each other about each student and works together as a unit to ensure the student progress appropriately through student/parent/coach meetings, goal setting, tournament planning and expectation management. When a family joins a Tennis Academy they are joining into a family of coaches and players that they can grow with throughout their tennis career.

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Since 1973, the Bob Pass 4 Star Tennis Academy has been producing top athletes making 4 Star Tennis the most prominent and recognized tennis academy in the Mid Atlantic region.

Over the past 30 years, 4 Star has produced top high school and MATA ranked players, Nationally ranked players and Division I college athletes. Not only do we produce successful and competitive athletes, but we strive to contribute to our students’ overall life experience and enjoyment of the game. The 4 Star Tennis Academy Staff is dedicated to supporting our students and helping them achieve their personal tennis goals.